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Bring your hen to the camera and show me round our coop. I can liaise with your vet if you are not local to me and work with them to help your birds if you don't have a local poultry vet.

Avian Influenza webinar recording

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Surrey Poultry Vet

Chickens, turkeys, ducks & gamebirds

I'm an experienced poultry veterinarian, having worked with chickens, ducks, turkeys, gamebirds, breeders and hatcheries since 2012.


I began working with poultry at one of the most prestigious poultry practices in the UK. I now teach poultry husbandry, medicine and surgery to veterinary students at the University of Surrey and consult for St David's Poultry Team (The Chicken Vet). I'm an active committee member of the BVPA (British Poultry Veterinary Association) and am involved in research into poultry health, welfare and production.

I believe the way to healthy, productive birds is through an excellent knowledge of husbandry and early identification of illness. Sharing information within the poultry community is key to keeping all our birds safe.


To learn about chicken health issues through the eyes of your hens please read the November and January issues of Practical Poultry magazine.

More to follow...

I can provide a range of services to tailored your specific needs. 

Please find out more below.

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Contact Me

For urgent veterinary advice please contact your registered veterinary practice.
I can provide non-urgent medical care
and prescribe, ideally, through your current vets. 

I am unable to provide emergency services and surgery at this time, but plan to do so in the future.

Guildford, UK

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