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Remote service provision

Updated: Jan 23

What remote services are available?

  1. Health and husbandry advice - coop set-up, heat-stress avoidance, stress reduction during prolonged housing etc.

  2. Assistance with poorly birds*

  3. Disease concerns, testing and to discuss vaccination options e.g. Marek's disease virus

Consultations can be held via video (using Google meet) or telephone.

*Are there any exceptions to this remote service provision?

Yes. There are some occasions you will still need to see a vets in person.

  • Emergency, critical care: To ensure bird welfare, emergency cases should be taken to local practices with anaesthetic, surgical and hospitalisation facilities or for urgent access to medicines to avoid postal delays. Examples of birds requiring emergency care: Fox attack, wounds, collapsed bird. I do not have the facilities listed above. Vets Now cover my emergency cases out of hours.

  • Antimicrobials (includes antiparasite, antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral medications): Due to concerns over antimicrobial resistance, birds requiring antimicrobials will still have to be examined in-person to protect these valuable resources. If I think these are required based on my remote consultation I will refer you back to your local practice and you will receive my advisory report which you can provide your vets if they wish.

  • Physical examination: If an in-person physical examination is required based on the severity or complexity of the symptoms reported you will be referred to your local practice. Bird welfare will be central to all decisions made.

  • Diagnostic testing: If diagnostic testing or imaging (e.g. x-rays) are advised you will be referred to your local practice to access these services.

How do I access these services?

Please submit a consult request form.

If you already live near a poultry-friendly vet, in-person appointments and home visits are better than accessing remote services.

What are Surrey Poultry Vet opening hours?

Monday - Wednesday 9am-3pm

Out-of-hours emergency service is available the rest of the week as I work elsewhere Thursday and Fridays.

How do I book a remote service?

Consult requests are not accepted via telephone to avoid disrupting client consultations.

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