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Wherever you are, there are options available to accommodate your needs.

You can book a remote poultry consultation online via telephone, or request an in-person consultation.

Please select the option that suits you and your birds best.

Request an in-person poultry consultation

You will receive a report via email after the event, including my recommedations to forward to your vet if required.

I aim to make contact within 24 hours unless you receive my out of office reply with advice in my absence.

Client details


Your address

Addresses are legally required for prescribing in food producing animals i.e. poultry.


Consent required - Medication use in poultry

All poultry are classified as food producing animals. There are comparatively few medicines authorised for use in these species compared to other pets. Therefore, the majority of medicines prescribed will be used on the veterinary cascade.

Vets must keep records to show that owners are aware their animals may receive medication prescribed on the veterinary cascade.

It is also a legal requirement that owners keep a record of all medicines (including name, batch number, expiry date & withdrawal periods). This information will be supplied in your invoices and reports so you can produce this evidence quickly should you ever need it.

Consent required - Storage of data

The details above and records of services will be kept by Surrey Poultry Vet registered veterinary practice. 

All clients will also be subscribed to my website to receive poultry-keeping related news aimed to improve bird health and welfare, including regarding Avian Influenza.

Thank you. If urgent please contact your vet.

​Book a remote pet poultry consultation
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