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Terms & Conditions - 20-min remote poultry consultation service

These Terms of Service define the agreement between Surrey Poultry Vet and users of the 20-min remote poultry consultation service. By utilising our services, users acknowledge and agree to the terms and procedures outlined below.

1.    ‍Service Description
Surrey Poultry Vet offers remote consultations, for online accessible and convenient veterinary consultations using the Wix booking platform.

1.1    Services Offered:
This service is for non-urgent cases. 
Services include health checks, advice on maintaining a healthy coop, nutrition consultations and parasite management, amongst others

1.2    Access and Bookings:
Users can book consultations via the Surrey Poultry Vet website. Payment is processed at the time of booking using the secure Square payment system via Wix.

1.3    Veterinary expertise
You will receive a consultation with an experienced poultry veterinarian.

1.4    Communication:
Following the booking, confirmation of the consultation will be sent via email.

1.5    Transparency and User Obligations:
Users are required to provide accurate information about the health of their pets during booking and consultation.

2.    ‍Bookings, Reservations & Payments
2.1    Bookings:
Surrey Poultry Vet uses the Wix booking platform to schedule appointments via the website.

2.2    Consultation Options:
Zoom: A video call via Zoom, connecting the user and the veterinarian via video link.
Telephone Call: For discussions or when video connection on site is poor.
Users can decide their preference during the Wix booking process.

2.3    Reservation Timing:
Users can make reservations up to 10 minutes before the desired time for the consultation.

2.4    Reservation Confirmation:
After booking a consultation through Wix, users will receive a confirmation via email with event details, including the date and time of the appointment.

2.5    Payments:
Payments for consultations are securely managed through the Square payment platform. Payment is required at the time of booking to confirm and secure the appointment.
Remote consultation slots are for a 20-minute consultation. Examples of what can be discussed during this time is a coop check, nutrition check, bird health check, health discussion or parasite management advice.
Complicated, long-standing problems, multiple problems or very poorly birds will need longer than 20 minutes. Additional professional time is charged at £19.94 per 10 minutes.

2.6    Follow-Up Communications:
To ensure user punctuality, reminders may be sent via email or SMS before the scheduled consultation time.
‍2.7    Post-Consultation Communications:
After the consultation, details regarding recommended future actions and relevant information will be communicated via email.

2.8    Technical Limitations:
Users are aware that online consultations may encounter occasional technical limitations. In the event of technical interruptions during a call, the consultation can be rescheduled without additional charges.

3.    Changes, Cancellations & Refunds
3.1    Changes and Cancellations:
Changes or cancellation requests must be made up to 4-hours before the scheduled time for the consultation.
Timely change requests or cancellations: Cancellations made up to 2 hours before the scheduled time for the consultation will be refunded.
Late change requests or cancellations: For cancellations made less than 4-hours before the scheduled time for the consultation, refunds are not provided, but rescheduling may be offered at the discretion of Surrey Poultry Vet.
No show: In the event that a user does not show for the appointment without having cancelled, the amount paid will not be refunded.

3.2    Refunds:
Users may request a full refund within 48 hours of making a reservation, provided they cancel their booking up to 4-hours before the scheduled time for the consultation. Cancellations can be made via email to the following address:
Refunds will be credited back using the same payment method used for the booking within 5-30 days.
In the event of a cancellation by Surrey Poultry Vet, clients will be offered the option to reschedule the appointment or receive a full refund.

3.3    Service Quality Evaluation:
Surrey Poultry Vet reserves the right to assess the quality of the service provided before granting any refunds. For more information please visit the cancellation and refund page.

4.    User Obligations:
Users are required to ensure a stable and functional internet connection during the consultation. If poor connectivity is expected, a telephone call is preferable and videos may be requested to be sent via email in advance.

4.1    Behavioural Rules during Calls:
Users are expected to remain respectful during the consultation and all further communication. Aggressive or inappropriate behaviours will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension of the consultation.

4.2    Management of Technical Interruptions:
In the case of unforeseen technical interruptions during a call, users can contact us via email to reschedule the consultation without additional charges.

4.3    Service Quality Assessment:
The quality of service during the consultation will be subject to assessment. In the case of issues or concerns, users are encouraged to contact us to resolve any matters.

5.    Limitations
5.1    Consultation Scope:
This service is for non-urgent cases. 
In-person services are advised for poorly birds so they can be fully examined. 
This service is not suitable for emergency cases which may require hospitalisation, medical care of surgery. These cases should present to a local veterinary practice as soon as possible.

5.2    Prescription Policy:
Please note that some medicines cannot be prescribed remotely, e.g. antibiotics, anti-parasite and antifungal products.

6.    Responsibilities
6.1    Confidentiality and Data Security:
We prioritise the confidentiality of user information and pet data. Veterinarians undergo mandatory training for handling sensitive data. Certain information may need to be reported, such as instances of potential harm to an individual or animal. In situations where an individual or animal is at risk, we may be obligated to report such information to the appropriate authorities. In situations where notifiable disease is suspected, this will be discussed with the user at the time and the relevant authorities will be notified.

6.2    User Responsibilities:
Users are responsible for providing accurate information about their pets during the booking and consultation processes to maximise the effectiveness of veterinary consultations. Certain information may be required during consultations for effective veterinary advice. Users must understand the limitations of online consultations compared to physical examinations as outlined above.

6.3    Emergency Situations:
In case of an emergency, users are urged to contact a local veterinary practice for in-person services rather than booking a remote consultation.
‍6.4     Information Sharing with Third Parties:
We do not share user information or pet data with third parties except in situations where reporting is legally required for the safety of individuals or animals e.g. during cases of notifiable disease.

6.5    User Consent:
By using our services, users implicitly consent to the collection and processing of information necessary for effective veterinary consultations.

6.6    Data Management Tools:
We employ secure cloud-based management tools to handle user and pet data, ensuring accessibility and protection.


7.    Punctuality and Time Management
7.1    User Responsibilities:
Users are expected to adhere to scheduled consultation times, allocating a maximum of 20 minutes for each session. The initial period allows for a 15-minute consultation with an additional 5 minutes for any necessary administrative tasks.

7.2    Handling Overruns:
Remote consultation slots are for a 20-minute consultation, after which they will be terminated automatically. Recommendations are to conclude the primary discussion within 15 minutes, leaving the remaining 5 minutes for reports or additional client communication.

7.3     Time Management for Additional Consultation:
Complex, long-standing problems, multiple problems or very poorly birds will need longer than 20 minutes.
Professional time is charged at £19.94 per 10 minutes. If additional time is required, the following two options will be offered.
Extension: the consultation will be extended if there is enough availability at the time. The outstanding fees will be invoiced to be paid within 30 days
Follow up appointment: users will be advised to book a follow up appointment at another time.

7.4    Quality of Service Commitment:
Although we commit to punctuality to provide users with efficient and effective veterinary consultations, sometimes consultations may start late due to reasons outside our control e.g. due to prioritising urgent cases or unforeseen traffic when returning home visits.

Bookings made less than an hour before the scheduled consultation may be delayed but every effort will be made to ensure the appointment still runs on time.

8.    Updates to Terms of Service
8.1    Changes to Terms:
Surrey Poultry Vet reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Service. Any changes will be communicated to users through appropriate means, such as email notifications or publication on our website.

8.2    Acceptance of Changes:
Users are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms of Service to be aware of any changes. Continued use of our services after being notified of changes implies acceptance of the new conditions.

8.3    Communications on Updates:
In the case of significant changes, we may send specific communications to inform users of the new conditions and provide instructions on how to proceed.

8.4    Legal and Regulatory Requirements:
Changes to the Terms of Service may be necessary to comply with evolving laws and regulations. We are committed to ensuring that such changes are in line with regulatory standards and will inform users promptly.

8.5    Right to Decline Service:
Users who do not accept the new conditions have the right to decline the updated services. However, this may result in limitations or suspension of access to our services.

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