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Responsible rodent reduction "Hens Hints" webinar series

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Thank you very much to James Butcher for a fabulously informative talk on responsible ways to deal with rodents.

James's website is which contains his services and contact details.

The summarised points from the session were:

Solid base to coop or buried mesh rather than try to prevent them burrowing under dug in-walls which they find easy to do. They can also tunnel from far away and deep down.

Mesh needs to be thick rabbit mesh not chicken wire.

Remove all feed and water.

Store feed and bedding securely in metal, NOT plastic

1 rat means 10 about! 1 rat can lead to 2000 in one year.

Hole fixing – screwed up wire mesh, good idea in drains too.

Timber or metal at bottom of doors. They can get through 7mm!

- Call a pest controller if you need one. The accreditations used by pest controllers are below:

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