Support and training for vets


In-house CPD

Many of us were not taught much about poultry at vet school, something we are changing at the University of Surrey. I can come and run poultry in-house CPD to up-skill your team that is based around your specific needs. Examples include husbandry, handling, clinical exam, medicine, diagnostics or surgery in order to optimise poultry health and welfare and give your clients the best help and advice for their chickens, ducks, turkeys and gamebirds

Support and advice

I currently offer a non-urgent email advisory service (3-5 days response time).
Unfortunately I cannot offer emergency advice at the moment.

My fees are £25/15min. You may also refer the client and I will pass them back to you with detailed instructions and for any medication.

A regular poultry clinic

Please contact me if you would like me to hold a a regular poultry clinic for your clients at your practice.

Support & training for vets

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