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I offer video services, in-person appointments and home visits.


Home visits are the most helpful as I can see birds in their natural environment. Then they are not stressed and underlying causes can be best identified. Most illnesses are secondary to underlying factors so a visit can be very beneficial to prevent further problems.
If you are not local to myself or another poultry vet, I can help you keep your flock healthy via video and telephone consultations. Bring your hen to the camera or show me round your coop. If your local vet requires, I can help them perform investigations or treatments.

Services available - from £39.88

Help and advice on parasites, your coop and looking after your hens

I can cover:

  • Red mite treatments and other parasites.

  • Preparing for an Avian Influenza Housing Order aka "Flockdown". Show me your site or your plans and I'll help you make it ideal for your birds to keep them healthy while they are "cooped up". It's never to early to start planning!

  • Preparing for the Summer heat - Heat is more dangerous for chooks than cold

  • Nutrition & supplements

  • General bird health - Perfect for new owners to find out what you should and should not be doing.

Veterinary assistance and advice for poorly birds

I offer consultation services, advice and most stock common medicines required for pet poultry.

I do not have hospitalisation, surgical or anaesthetic facilities.


Professional fees are in line with local small animal vet consultation charges to maintain affordability for clients. Fees reviews take place at least annually to reflect inflation and changes in consumable and medicine costs. 

Flat professional services rate: £19.94/ 10 min professional time incurred

Including all types of communication (in-person, phone, video, emails), diagnostic investigations (testing, submissions, interpretation), prescriptions, treatments, reporting, training, courses & CPD


Consultation times vary. As an approximate guide: 20 minutes (e.g. health chats, online coop checks & parasites), 30 minutes (average simple bird case), 40-60 minutes (more complex cases) to 1-2 hours (flock assessments or multiple problems).

All consultations include an emailed summary/advisory report as part of the professional time incurred.

A PPE & biosecurity fee will be added to all in-person consults at the small consumables rate of £3.24 to cover the cost of additional consumables and equipment. This is to protect your birds from infectious diseases spread by other poultry e.g. Avian Influenza, Marek's disease virus etc.

Home visits from £8.24

Return mileage calculated from home, near Guildford

0-5 miles £10.705-10 miles £17.90, 10-20 miles £31.90, 20-30 miles £45.90, >30 miles at £45.90 plus £1.49 for each additional mile.

Other fees

All medicines, consumables and laboratory fees are chargeable. Dispensing of medicines incurs a medication dispensing fee to cover cost of stocking and maintaining a medicine store at £5.70.

Poultry consultation request form

You will receive a report via email after the event, including medical or surgical directions to forward to your vet if required. By submitting this form you are consenting to me contacting your vet.

I aim to make contact within 24 hours unless you receive my out of office reply with advice in my absence.

Client details


Your address

Addresses are legally required for prescribing in food producing animals i.e. poultry.


Consent required - Medication use in poultry

All poultry are classified as food producing animals. There are comparatively few medicines authorised for use in these species compared to other pets. Therefore, the majority of medicines prescribed will be used on the veterinary cascade. Examples of medication and warnings can be found here.

Vets must keep records to show that owners are aware their animals may receive medication prescribed on the veterinary cascade.

It is also a legal requirement that owners keep a record of all medicines (including name, batch number, expiry date & withdrawal periods). This information will be supplied in your invoices and reports so you can produce this evidence quickly should you ever need it.

Mutual care agreement form

A mutual care agreement form should be in place between your local veterinary practice and Surrey Poultry Vet if you require remote services. A copy of the completed forms should be retained by all three parties involved.

Consent required - Storage of data

The details above and records of services will be kept by Surrey Poultry Vet registered veterinary practice. 

All clients will also be subscribed to my website to receive poultry-keeping related news aimed to improve bird health and welfare, including regarding Avian Influenza.

Thank you. If urgent please contact your vet.

Consult request form
Out of hours
Emergencies and Out-of-hours (OOH)

I do not have hospitalisation or emergency equipment facilities. Birds presenting as genuine emergencies who need surgery, anaesthesia, x-rays for fractures or strong, injectable pain relief should be taken to a practice where these essential facilities are available.

I have partnered with Vets Now to help ensure my patients receive first aid out-of-hours. Vets Now is the pet equivalent of an accident and emergency service, dedicated to providing pets with access to a vet out of hours.

Out of hours contact table.png

Vets Now out-of-hours information

Emergency Vet Guildford | Out Of Hours Pet Care - Vets Now (

01483 346 203

OOH consultations from £330.50

Surrey Poultry Vet out-of-hours information

Please email me for out-of-hours contact details. These will change if I am away on holiday, which will be made clear in the automatic response you receive.

My out of hours fees reflect this personal cost to enable me to offer this service. Please note that I work elsewhere on Thursdays and Fridays and may not be local. The following OOH fees will be added to the cost of services incurred: Monday - Wednesday 3pm-7pm (£59.82), Thursday & Friday (£59.82), Saturday until 12 noon and when I am on leave (£119.64).


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