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URGENT action to take - NEW requirement for all clients

Updated: Sep 22

From September 1st 2023 - All clients must have a signed mutual care agreement in place with their local registered practice so that I can continue to care for your birds.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.


This is due to changes made by our professional body, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (The RCVS) that come into force on 1st September.

Because I do not have hospitalisation, anaesthetic or surgical facilities, I have previously asked you to be registered with your local practice in case you require these facilities. An example of this being necessary is after a fox attack leaving a bird with wounds.

However, the RCVS have now made it a requirement that a formal, signed mutual care agreement is in place between the two practices involved (Surrey Poultry Vet and your local practice). It is no longer acceptable to have an informal understanding in place.

What do I need to do?

Veterinary practices are extremely busy so I recommend you get an agreement in place ASAP, before you need to request a consultation from me in future.

  1. Download a mutual care agreement form. Forms are available as either Word documents or PDF.

  2. Fill in the blue boxes on pages 1 and 2.

  3. Present your completed form to your local, registered veterinary practice. Explain that due to recent changes by the RCVS, you now need a mutual care agreement form signed by both parties so you can access poultry services from Surrey Poultry Vet. If they agree to enter a mutual care agreement for your poultry, they should fill in the green boxes and return the completed form to you.

  4. Please send the completed form to me at

  5. I will then sign the agreement and return a completed version to all parties. Keep a copy of the form for your records.

Mutual client agreement request form TEMPLATE
Download PDF • 137KB

Mutual client agreement request form TEMPLATE
Download DOCX • 48KB

My local practice won't agree to fill in my form. What Surrey Poultry Vet services can I access?

Unfortunately, because I have restricted facilities I cannot continue to offer my current service without a mutual care agreement in place.

I can offer advice on husbandry and housing and can access birds, but can no longer prescribe any medication. You will be referred back to your local practice should this be required.

Therefore, if practices interpret this request as committing to see more of your poultry, it is in fact the opposite. They will to see your birds less frequently if they sign a mutual care agreement with me.

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