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Chicken Respiratory Surveillance Research

Sampling guidance for vets & information for owners

About the research

Respiratory diseases are common in backyard chickens and there are many causes; viral, bacterial and parasitic. Birds with viral infections often require NSAIDs and intensive nursing to recover and may or may not develop secondary infections. Birds with bacterial infections often require antibiotics if their infection is making then severely unwell. Parasitic infections, e.g. gapeworm, are treated with licenced poultry wormers.


This study aims to increase the information on backyard and pet chicken respiratory pathogens. This information will help us better understand the prevalence of different pathogens in the UK pet and backyard chicken population. It will also assist vets in deciding on treatment plans, thus reducing antibiotic usage and resistance.

Thank you for engaging with this project.


We are not currently accepting any more samples.

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