Advice, help & training for poultry keepers

Now offering online and telephone services due to current restrictions. Many consultations can be done online via webcam.

Planning on keeping chickens?

Help with your preparations

I will come and see the site you plan to keep the birds, and help you decide what type of housing, equipment and feed is right for you, and discuss preventative veterinary care.

Home visits

Optimising your bird's health

I will come and see your birds in their natural environment and help you optimise your set-up for bird health and welfare in a cost effective manner. We will discuss their environment, diet and a preventative healthcare plan.

Poultry courses

Learn more about poultry

If you and your friends want to learn more about keeping chickens, or any aspect of chicken health, welfare or production in the UK, I can help you learn about it. Courses can be formal or informal and tailored to your specific needs e.g. schools, tea groups or farm shop talks.

Christmas birds

Production advice

Rearing birds for Christmas has its challenges. I can help ensure you have a good crop ready for the festive sales and give preventative advice if you have had previous problems.

Breeding, hatching & brooding

Home or commercial advice

Hens naturally usually do a fantastic job rearing their chicks. Replicating this ourselves using an incubator and brooding box is lots of fun, but is a challenge to perfect. There are often many ways your home/small commercial system can be improved to optimise chick health and welfare, producing a better quality chick. I can help you achieve this.

Gamebird rearing

Production advice

Optimal setup, husbandry and biosecurity is essential to producing a good quality bird. I can visit your premises prior to placement and help you prepare for the arrival of new birds. The focus will be on 

preventing disease, something which is particularly important if you have had disease challenge previously. 

Please note that I cannot supply medication currently.


Advice, help and training for poultry keepers



I recently teamed up with Kate from Hens on Oxley to run a very successful "Introduction to chicken health" morning for some local chicken owners over tea and biscuits. This included a game of chicken anatomy, practical on bird handling and question and answer session.

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